Is It Time to Upsize Your Home?

Is It Time to Upsize Your Home?

Is It Time to Upsize Your Home?

Is your house pushing you out? Is it showing signs of congestion? Symptoms include lack of space, a growing family, and a cluttered environment. If so, this could mean it’s time to consider something bigger! So, is it time to upsize? Read on to find out.

Your Family is Growing 

When you bought your first home, maybe your family consisted of just you and your partner. However, now you have to consider room for a baby, or maybe two? Scrambling to substitute one room for another is not ideal. Especially if you are planning to have your parents move in at some point in the future.Now is the time to think ahead and upsize for the future!

You Want More Room for Pets 

Pets are like family members, and that means they need their space too! If you’ve already got pets, then you know how much space they take up — including their toys. On the other hand, if you dream of owning a pet and simply do not have the home or outdoor space for it, it’s time to consider upsizing! 

You Want to Live in a Better Location 

Living in your ideal location is essential, especially when starting a family! Great schools, a short commute, and a safe neighbourhood may be on top of your wishlist. So, if you are moving to be in your desired location, it may be time to upsize. 

You’re Feeling Cramped and Cluttered 

Spring cleaning is not just limited to Spring! Constant de-cluttering is essential in a home, especially with the lack of storage you may have in your current one. If your kids are tired of sharing a room, and the storage space just isn’t enough — you know it’s time to find a bigger home. Even an extra 600 sq. feet can really add enough space to be clutter-free!

So if you’re family is growing, you’re looking for a better location, you want more space for pets, or even your parents to move in – it’s definitely time to think about upsizing! For more great information, don’t forget to check out the SkyHomes blog


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