Must Have Smart Technology for Luxury Homes

Must Have Smart Technology for Luxury Homes


Building a luxury home means finally getting the castle that you’ve always dreamed about, with features fitting your taste and desires. Smart home technology allows homeowners to increase their home’s opulence, and manage their entire household from their phone or tablet.

SkyHomes offers you this list of must-have smart technologies that will enhance your home’s functionality and luxury.

GE ChillHub

The ChillHub is the first smart fridge to open-up its smarts with built-in USB ports for third-party smart accessories. This first-of-its-kind smart refrigerator has two USB hubs, WiFi and an open-source IOS-compatible app that integrates with the refrigerator by allowing access to sensor data and control of fridge components. This means you can use an app at the grocery store to tell you how much milk, soda, beer, eggs or even separate vegetables are left in the refrigerator. This refrigerator is so smart, it thinks it’s a computer, and you will too!

Luxury Lighting


Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy Sensor

Why lift a finger when you don’t have to? Let Lutrons Maestro Occupancy Sensor switch turn the lights on and off for you. This smart tech combines a switch and an occupancy/vacancy sensor into one wall-mounted device. It will turn lights on and off when you enter the room, without even touching a thing and can even sense when it’s daylight, so you won’t be wasting energy. Designed to work with a variety of bulbs, this product: also works with the rest of the Maestro lineup, which includes light controls, fan controls, sensors and timers that work both in and outside of the home. The sleek design of the occupancy sensor will match the elegant décor of any room in your home.

The Crosswater Digital Duo

Turn your bathroom into a tech dream with the Crosswater Digital Duo, a two-way control system that allows you to control every faucet and system. Apart from looking good, the Duo offers control of the temperature and flow for the perfect shower or temperature and depth of your perfect bath at the touch of a button. There is built-in memory that will store individual settings for up to three people and the Duo is compatible with an iOS app that will allow you control your bath and shower from anywhere in the home on a wireless network. This gadget lets you get the shower or bath warmed up from the comfort of your bed before you step in, or turn it on as you come home from your morning run.

The Tech2O Cyber Mirror

This decor piece is not just a mirror, it’s a TV and internet portal in one. With an IP63 rating, the Tech 20 Cyber Mirror is safe to use in rooms with water such as the kitchen and in the bathroom. This 32-inch Full HD 1080p LED touchscreen display, Windows 8 software, an Intel Core i3 processor has Wi-Fi functionality. This mirror isn’t your average piece of glass! Place over your dressing table to switch between mirror and television while you get ready for the day. Freeview’s 10-watt speakers let you play relaxing music during bubble bath time or can let you catch up on your favourite soap. You can even use it to flick through emails or apps such as Facebook, while you do your hair, check your make-up and listen to music.

Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

Whether you have a big family and are worried about spreading germs, or just want to live in a more sterilize homes, you may want to consider installing this amazing self-sterilizing door handle on your exterior doors. When the Self Sterilizing Handle is in use, an internal UV light comes on, stopping germs in their tracks. This innovative door handle uses a UV lamp to sterilize itself which runs the entire length of the handle. The handle continuously shines when not in use and it kills any bacteria on the door handle by desterilizing it. With a stunning chrome and glass design, this handle appears futuristic yet sophisticated and will integrate beautifully into any luxury home design.

As technology progresses, so does the definition of luxury. Keep up with the latest trends, and increase your home’s functionality with these must-have smart home technologies.

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