Back to School Special Top School in the Woodbridge and Kleinburg Area

Back to School Special Top School in the Woodbridge and Kleinburg Area



Finding the best school to suit you and your family is one of your top priorities when shopping for a new home. When it comes to academics, the Vaughan, Woodbridge and Kleinburg area is comfortably above average, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual School Report Cards, an independent public policy think-tank that rates school performance according to the province’s standardized test in reading, writing and math.

SkyHomes has compiled this list of top performing schools in Woodbridge and Kleinburg that will provide the best of learning for your kids.  

Michael Cranny Elementary

Michael Cranny Elementary School is a public school located in Maple, Ontario and part of York Region District School Board. Michael Cranny has steadily progressed over the past five years, moving from 7.7 in 2010 to 9.5 in 2014. As Vaughan’s highest-rated school from 2014 it scored an impressive 9.5 out of 10, placing it well at the top of the 234 elementary schools rated in the region and tied for 36th out of the 3,037 schools rated in the province. The average teacher rating at Michael Cranny Elementary School, as determined by pupils and students is an impressive 3.9 stars out of 5.

Elder Mills Public School

Elder’s Mills Public School is a public school teaching grades 1-5 located in Woodbridge, Ontario within the York Region. This top rated educational institution is a french immersion school. Situated in the Elder mills neighbourhood,  a family-friendly area with a large percentage of young children.The average teacher rating at Elder’s Mills Public School is 4.08 stars based on 96 ratings. The teachers are known to be professional and gifted, giving every child a quality learning experience.

Woodbridge Public School

One other example of a school that is punching above its weight class is Woodbridge Public School. It has increased its rating from 6.7 in 2010 to 7.9 in 2014. Woodbridge Public School is committed to creating and fostering a warm, caring and supportive educational environment for your child. Throughout the year your child will be provided with many opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally and physically. As a collaborative team, this institution strongly believes in the value of a community school, where the school is an integral part of the community and serves the students and their families. Woodbridge Public School is certainly doing something right!

Kleinburg Public School

Kleinburg Public School is an English middle school in Kleinburg, with an average teacher rating of  4.42 out of 5. This schools as the 10 highest grade 3 scores in the York Region District School Board. This new public elementary school was built and opened in September 2009. Kleinburg Public School’s primary goal is to develop balanced classes that reflect the diversity of learners, and allow the variety of interests and talents to emerge. Their teachers strive to have a very good understanding of your child’s abilities and needs, both academic and social. Teachers work collaboratively in grade teams to deliver a consistent program to all students and ensures that all students receive the same program regardless of class placement.

Pinegrove Public School

This middle school located in Woodridge has an average teacher score of 4.25-stars as compared to the average teacher score of 0.0-stars in the surrounding area.Pinegrove Public School believes education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Not only is the school committed to their student’ learning, they value the strong partnerships they have with families and the community. This school highly values open communication between home and school, as an essential element to your child’s success.

The Woodbrige and Kleinburg area is not only filled with beautiful neighbourhoods for ideal family living, but features schools that rank well above-average the rest of the schools in Ontario.


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