Must-Have Kitchen Features for The Chef in Your Home

Must-Have Kitchen Features for The Chef in Your Home


At SkyHomes, we go beyond our customer’s expectations to create for them a home that is not only built well, but is truly beyond their wildest dreams. When it comes to the heart of the home, the kitchen, you want only the best, for a lavish looking kitchen. For the cook in your home, there’s more than just appearance to keep in mind. Chefs organize their kitchen with practicality in mind, to maximize the the efficiency and enjoyment of creating home-cooked meals.

SkyHomes offers you this list of must have kitchen features for the chef in your home.

Double Your Cooking with Double Ovens


The double oven is just what it claims to be, two oven spaces instead of one. In our modern world, anything can be customized, but most double ovens have three set-ups to choose from. You can have two full-sized ovens, a full-sized one topped with a smaller oven, or a combination, such as a full oven with either a microwave or convection oven on top. Double ovens not only give your kitchen that professional look, they also optimize your cooking–letting you set meals at different temperatures. Your main oven can be used without bending over, and a secondary oven allows for plate warming  or additional baking. Separating the ovens from the burners also lets you install your industrial level cooktop in a kitchen island or elsewhere, opening up new floor-plan possibilities.

The Wise Feature Warming Drawer


A must-have for parties as well as busy households, warming drawer add plenty of functionality in the chef-inspired kitchen. To incorporate into your home’s kitchen, you’ll need to plan ahead, since the drawers are heavy and require a reinforced cabinet with available power. This feature is sweeping kitchens for good reason. These independent appliances allow you to keep prepared meals hot, to warm plates and even to slow cook! Warming drawers can be installed with a matching wall oven, and can be coordinated with other kitchen appliances to obtain the look and feel of a streamlined, high-functioning chef kitchen.

Commercial-style Ranges are Hot


A commercial rangetop will have different zones that heat up for cooking, and can have an array of cooking mechanisms. Most pro-style ranges come in standard widths of 30, 36, 48, and 60 inches. Larger widths mean more burners or other cooktop options.  A range top can include open burners, griddles, charbroilers, or other configurations. For the home cook, a commercial rangetop is a must-have top upgrade your kitchen to chef-level. Expect these ranges to include three to four times the BTU output of an ordinary home model. While pro-style burners are always gas, they can be paired with a gas or an electric oven as a dual fuel option.  Professional cooks typically prefer gas ovens for their more moist heat, and increased temperature precision.

Delve into Deep Drawers


Keeping your large cooking essentials- pots, pans, griddles and smaller appliances within reach,  makes sense for the chef in your home. Fit as many of your large, most used, basics inside the drawer as you can without overcrowding. It makes most sense to place your deep drawer right beside the kitchen range, for easy access to large cooking pots and pans. Consider this arrangement when planning your professional grade kitchen. Drawers may be limited in their size by the cabinet that houses them, but drawers that probe the depths have marvelous utility-and are a must-have for your chef-inspired kitchen.

Add in Accoutrements with a Kitchen Servery


Historically, serveries have been popular in architectural designs to hide away the clutter of the kitchen from guests and for the maids and chefs to deliver food efficiently to formal dining rooms. Adding a servery lets the home chef more easily complete the finished display of the meal before, or in between servings. With a small refrigerator below the countertop, a microwave oven above, and espresso machine in the middle keeps these accessories away from the main prep area. An area like this provides dedicated functionality out of the way of the main cooking area, and closer to the formal dining room.

Layers of Light


Outfit your chef kitchen with layers of light and multiple fixtures to cover every area. Recessed ceiling fixtures shine down on work surfaces or can be pointed toward your stove area. Spotlight important areas of the kitchen with strategically installed lights. Use wall-mount lamps to illuminate work zones, such as the sink, island, and stove top.

Hanging pendant lights over the island not only look elegant, but provide reinforced visibility during prep. Don’t forget under-cabinet lights for proper task lighting on every countertop. After all, the most skilled cook cannot function without clearly reading those recipes, and perfectly platting their home-cooked creations.

For homeowners who love to cook, the kitchen is a special space in need of the perfect ambiance and a practical workflow. More than shiny new appliances or endless counter space, these features will make your chef-inspired kitchen a joy to work in.

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