Upgrade Your Guest Room Like a Luxury Hotel

Upgrade Your Guest Room Like a Luxury Hotel

Hosting a houseguest can be a very enjoyable experience. There’s something satisfying about helping your visitors feel especially welcome and comfortable. If your guest room is in need of an upgrade, SkyHomes offers you these tips to transform it into a five-star retreat.

The Best Bed Your Money Can Buy

Your guests deserve more than the oldest, most saggy mattress you have. Start off with purchasing a comfortable quality mattress. Upgrade your old mismatched spare room bedding for some beautiful wonderful bed linens and comfort items. Often supplied by fine B&B’s: a featherbed mattress topper, a choice of pillows, a cozy down comforter, extra blankets, and freshly ironed pillowcases will have your guests feeling luxe. Always have an extra set of bed and bath linens available for your guests in the room, so they can change them out at their leisure.

All the Amenities

A hotel will include the nice little necessities, a lighted clock next to the bed, paper and pens, tissues, and a hair dryer.. If you don’t have an extra iron and ironing board to offer, be sure to tell your guest where they can find yours. A phone in the room is a much-appreciated bonus item. A luxury resort will have those types of amenities that go beyond basic. Set out a tray with bottles of fine sparkling water and glassware. If you’re hosting a couple, think about including a nice bottle of wine and a pair of glasses, so that guests can unwind at their leisure. Put together a basket of little luxuries, soaps, face masks and plush linens, and a big fluffy robe hanging on the door. Set out a vase of flowers, a bowl of fruits or candies, and a bottle of perfume or air freshener to keep things fresh and ambient.

Drawers & Sprawling Space

The best hotels make you feel like the place is yours. Make it simple for guests to unpack their belongings instead of living out of a suitcase. Over-the-door hooks can accommodate hanging clothes, while extra hangers make space in the closet. An extra full chest of drawers will enable your guests to keep their room organized and have odds and ends out of sight. Get rid of anything that you would not find in the room of a fine hotel. A comfortable side chair gives a space for guests to put on shoes, and keep out some belongings while getting ready for the day.

High Tech Perks

Most people travel with laptops or ipads and love to do work or check e-mail when away from home. Provide a desk and chair and a good lamp so your guests can keep up with work. Leave out a card with the wifi information to make it easy for guests to connect their devices and avoid fretting over roaming fees. A big screen television hanging on the guest room wall is the ultimate in tech luxuries. Your guests can keep up with the news or unwind at night with their favorite show. Don’t forget to place the remote control near the bed so they don’t have to get out of bed to turn them off.

Luxury is not about expense, but how you make your guests feel. These hotel-inspired tricks will let your guest room emulate the most sumptuous of luxury retreats.


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