SkyHomes Preparing Your Home for The Colder Months

SkyHomes Preparing Your Home for The Colder Months

Plunging temperatures and shorter days will soon make you want to curl up and relax, cosy by the fire. As the coldness looms and you prepare to pump the heat, SkyHomes offers you these maintenance tasks and style changes that will have your home feeling fabulous for fall.

Prepare for heating the home

Before getting chestnuts ready for the roasting, get your fireplace set for the fire. Grab a flashlight and look inside for build-up, bird’s nests or obvious cracks. For those relying solely on the furnace, ensure there are no air leaks in your home. Warm air will escape out of any cracks and can make your heating system work harder and cost you more to heat your home.  Use caulk to seal cracks in the home like a door frame and weatherstripping to seal components that move like an operable window.

Amp up your lighting

The fall and winter months mean less daylight. Avoid tripping while bringing in your groceries, and ensure visitors are safe when the terrain becomes icey. Bring out extra outdoor lighting to pathways or porches such as Energy Star LED flood lights that can withstand snow and rain. Indoors, you will be relying less on sunlight and more on artificial lights. Bring in more lamps and ambient lighting in bright white, to give you that extra boost of light when, as the sun goes down ever earlier.

Reverse your fans

You probably don’t think about the ceiling fan during winter, however, it can significantly save energy by pushing rising heat back into the room at the same level that you’ve set your thermostat registers at. Most ceiling fan models have a switch that not only adjusts the speed but reverses the blades’ direction. Make sure the fan is spinning clockwise during the season (and counterclockwise during summer).

Hang Heavy Curtains

Another easy way to keep the draft out is by hanging thermal or heavy-duty window treatments. They provide an extra barrier to radiant heat loss, add insulation and reduce drafts.  Prevent heat loss is to close your curtains and lower your blinds immediately after dusk.Many curtains are advertised as thermal. In general, they are fairly thick and have an air barrier to block flow through them. Fitting is as important as the material. In addition to going floor to ceiling, try to tightly fit the curtain to the walls on either side.

Pile up the layers

Make sure your bed is prepared for the countless hours you are going to spend in it. It’s no secret that the number one place we run to in need of extreme warmth is under the covers. Blankets, faux fur, and a heavier comforter are necessary for the dropping temperatures. Also, make the switch from cotton to flannel for maximum comfort.

These tips to prepare your home for the colder months will give you a cozy and well-running home into the cooler months. SkyHomes wishes you a happy fall!

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