Upgrade Your Yard’s Beauty with these Luxury Landscaping ideas

Upgrade Your Yard’s Beauty with these Luxury Landscaping ideas


SkyHomes knows you deserve the best of the best when it comes to the place where you build lasting memories; your home. With summer almost upon us, more and more people are looking for ways to entertain family and friends outdoors. Bring increased beauty and functionality to your yard with these luxury landscaping ideas.

Add Warmth to Your Yard with a Fire pit or Fireplace


An outdoor fire feature such as a stone pit, a modern fire bowl, or a full masonry fireplace is one of the best landscaping ideas for making the backyard a family’s favourite place to gather. The warmth makes people naturally gravitate towards it, establishing an inviting atmosphere. A fire pit or fireplace will  bring a touch of the great outdoors to the backyard and add a little bit of magic to any gathering. This is where kids and parents can gather around, and roast marshmallows over an excellent fire. A fireplace can serve as a main central point in an outdoor room, as well as provide privacy and definition to the room’s space.  As with most luxury landscaping items there are many different types of fire pits on the market. The largest investment is a built-in fire pit which requires hiring a contractor to excavate and build. While it will permanently take up space in the yard and will require a fair amount of maintenance, it will add countless hours of enjoyment.  

Get Ornamental with Large Rocks

A simple way to make a statement with your lawn is to add in a large rock or two. Boulders create dramatic impact in any luxury landscape. Use them functionally to divert foot and vehicle traffic, or simply as the focal point. Having a certain type of boulder in the landscape will break up the monotony of plain grass with a different material. The right choice should work properly with all the details of your exterior. The most commonly found boulders for landscaping come from water courses which makes them simple and detail and rounded. In comparison, an iron stained boulder with patches of lichens and moss colonies suggest it’s been in the new location a long time. Try to maintain the same local look and feel with the rest of your yard’s stone work, in order to present a more cohesive design.

Soothing Water Feature Oasis


A water feature can be a striking focal point for your front or backyard landscaping. Location is the first decision and will be affected by available space, proximity to utilities, prevailing winds, splash patterns, wildlife, etc. The design can be anything from modern to traditional and if desired can be incorporated into your pool design. You’ll need to consider the appropriate sound level, which can vary from a meditative trickle to a cascading waterfall. For some, the soothing sounds of water can help to drown out traffic noise and urban commotion. Whether a reflecting pond, fountain or waterfall, a properly designed water feature is sure to become the dramatic centerpiece of your yard. A water feature, even a small, self-contained unit that stands alone on a patio, should look like it belongs in its surroundings. You can use natural stone to build it up, or use the same stone or material that you find on the home’s exterior. A good rule is to use no more than three elements in one area, or the area can get too busy and work the opposite way for you.

Light up Your Landscape


Outdoor lighting techniques help to create a particular mood or ambiance in your backyard, adding colour, drama, and excitement to your swimming pool and landscape while also keeping the pool area safe.  There are different wattage and colour of lights for every budget, which create different mood settings in a pool design, giving its nighttime look a completely different atmosphere from daytime. Incandescent lights are more of a soft yellow light and look best on hardscapes such as stone walls, and pathways. LED lights give off a white light and look best when highlighting plant material. Pathways, outdoor kitchens, dining areas, as well as the pool decks need to be properly illuminated so guests can easily and carefully travel from the pool to the deck to the house. This is the cherry on top of your luxury landscaping plans, showing off your yard’s many exquisite features!

As an extension of your home, your landscape makes a statement about who you are, and about what is truly meaningful to you. Luxury landscaping will turn your yard into the ideal setting for gathering with friends and family, moments shared with loved ones, laughter and quiet conversation together with food and drink.

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