Luxury Upgrades for Your Master Bedroom

Luxury Upgrades for Your Master Bedroom

Getting that 5 Star luxury bedroom feeling doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a major décor investment. With a few tweaks and some thoughtful placement you can be sleeping in the lap of luxury; imagine walking into a bedroom that oozes sophistication without spending too much money. Are you feeling inspired after the holidays or has spring cleaning left you craving a bedroom makeover?  We’ve made a list of some key elements in your bedroom to help you get that bedroom you’ve been dreaming of.


If you only make one upgrade to your bedroom, it has to be the way you style your pillows. A considered bed is always topped with a handful of precisely layered accent pillows. Pillows that are slept on nightly (practical pillows) should sit propped up against the head of the bed with decorative pillows overlaying them in height order. Pro tip: when your pillows are in this ‘show’ position they should not take over more than a quarter of the bed length. This helps you avoid having the space look over-styled and overburdened. Also, consider overfilling your throw pillows. There’s something so luxurious about plush throw pillows that it goes a long way in transforming your bedroom into the perfect retreat.

Dress the bed

The hallmark of sophistication and luxury is top-of-the-line bedding fit for royalty. A perfectly made bed gives a finished look that will instantly upgrade your space. Opt for two sheets and fold the edge of the top one over the duvet to have a polished ‘Ritz-Carlton’ look every day.

If you’re looking to go one step further, we suggest investing in the highest thread count sheets that you can afford. This gives the bed a smoother texture and will help lull you into a better sleep. Also, look beyond classic white sets; mix it up with shades of gray and taupe which can be just as classy as all white and are much easier to upkeep. Finish off the look with a lovely comforter featuring fabrics like brocade, damask, silk or velvet.   


Make a statement with your light fixtures! Ditch those old-school, low-profile lights and replace them with a pendant light or a glamorous chandelier. Statement pieces above the bed emphasize it as the focal point of the room and can really speak to your décor. There’s no need to spend too much money either; Toronto company Royal Lighting offers many different options for less than $150 to help add drama and romance to your space. Or consider searching Kijiji for some great deals. We also suggest investing in some light dimmers and bedside lamps to help create a cozy ambiance. A minimum of three different lighting sources for your room will do the trick.

Upgrade Your Hardware

One of the easiest, and most affordable, ways to give your master bedroom an upgrade is replacing the default hardware on your dressers and nightstands. Unless your furniture pieces already came with visually stunning knobs and pulls, try personalizing the look. With options like crystal, gemstones, copper, and so many more you can really give your master bedroom that extra little oomph!

Another simple way to give your bedroom a luxe look for less is replacing your lampshades. Chances are the ready-made lamp you choose will come with a basic, uninspired shade so upgrading it will have a big impact. Since the shad can really make or break the lamp we suggest opting for colour or a cool fabric choice as well as a shade that is “taller than expected”.  


Keeping your master bedroom mess-free and orderly instantly makes it look luxurious. Granted, this is more of an organization tip, but it’s still quite important. A cluttered bedroom never looks comfortable or fancy, so keep the floor clean and orderly. Next, look at your nightstand and vanity, these can often turn into a hodgepodge of essential items like makeup, charging cords, half-finished books and hand creams. Take time to rethink how all of this is displayed. “Organized clutter” is the design trend of the moment but the key is knowing how to distinguish between good clutter and bad. Good clutter is stacks of books and collections perfectly displayed on shelves with a few pieces of art on or against the wall. Bad clutter, on the other hand, is dirty clothes on the floor, unopened mail and paperwork, and unmanaged electrical cords. Deal with good messes by styling key areas like a bookcase or nightstand and tackle unnecessary messes by making the most of hidden storage

We hope this list helps you with some ideas to get you master bedroom looking luxurious and sophisticated without having to dip into your savings. Look forward to a truly pampered sleep in your new 5 star bedroom with these tips from SkyHomes.

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