5 Ideas for Your Dream Wine Cellar

5 Ideas for Your Dream Wine Cellar

If you love wine you have probably admired someone’s wine cellar or dreamed of having one in your home.  Although wine cellars are usually experienced outside the home, aspiring sommeliers always love drooling over ones they wish they owned. Whether you’re someone who loves to entertain or considering the idea of building a wine cellar in your house, these ideas are sure to spark your creativity!


Flooring is one of the most crucial elements when creating your wine cellar. When it comes to selecting flooring for your newly designed space, there are three key elements to keep in mind: weight, durability, and appearance. Wine cellars include wine racks, furniture, stone, cabinetry, and, of course, wine bottles, all of which are extremely heavy. In order to support the weight wine cellars are usually situated at the bottom of the house. In order to withstand the elements in your cellar (ie. the cooling system) stay away from carpets or wood, opting instead for stone, mosaic, tile, or brick. These materials can be extremely beautiful and will easily compliment the décor in your room. Fun elements like borders or medallions really help to bring the space together.


Storage is an essential and functional piece that should be designed to hold everything you’ll need such as wine bottles, wine glasses, and bottle openers. However, it is also both decorative and influential on the mood of your room. Choosing between cabinetry and open shelves really comes down to the look you want and cleanup needed.

Cabinetry will help you conceal large items that aren’t aesthetically pleasing with a crisp, clean cabinet door. Open shelved racks, on the other hand, put all your contents out in the open; allowing you to show off your wine bottles and other contents, creating a fresh, open space. Keep in mind, when using open shelves, everything will be in the open so you’ll need to prioritize staying organized year round.


When it comes to countertop options there are so many possibilities and custom materials for you to choose from! If you want a vintage aesthetic be sure to go for rustic, unique, and distressed materials, including elements like cork, reclaimed wood, and Tuscan stone. Using these materials for your countertop will give your wine cellar an old world look and feel. Of course, if the vintage vibe isn’t for you, new-aged materials embody that modern, sleek appeal. This can include countertops made of granite, marble, glass, or steel.

Tasting Room

Depending on the size of the space you have available you may want to consider a tasting room. This is one of those touches that can really add a lot of presence to a wine cellar space. If space is not on your side, the wine cellar and tasting room can be rolled into one, as a small tasting table, a couple of chairs and lovely lighting is all that is really needed. Creating a beautiful wine cellar with a lovely little tasting area at its heart is pretty easy to achieve, and most often it is just a funky tasting table and a few chairs or bar stools that you will need. Wine barrel tasting tables have become pretty popular, and allow you to recycle and up-cycle one of those old barrels with ease. The next best bet is a more traditional table with space for holding a few glasses and a couple of wine bottles!


Usually when you see a commercial tasting room there is only the one rustic style with one hue (wooden surfaces and the warmth of yellow). While this is a very classic look for a wine cellar, it certainly is not the only option! Break away from this path and give your basement wine cellar / tasting room a splash of vivacious color. Try a colourful tasting table or vibrant chairs that will really brighten up the space!

Whether it is a weekend party with friends, a formal party involving your colleagues, or even a family event a bottle of wine is a constant. For some this love affair goes beyond just that odd bottle or five, and having a beautiful wine cellar is the ideal way to showcase and savour this passion for a lifetime. We hope this list helped get your creative juices flowing so that you can create your own dream wine cellar in your home.

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