5 Ways to Work the Velvet Headboard in your Bedroom

5 Ways to Work the Velvet Headboard in your Bedroom

Upholstered headboards of every kind are finding their way into popular bedroom fashion, with the most luxurious of them being the soft, silky velvet creations. With this new trend, many people wonder exactly how to bring such a big amount of velvet into their space without overdoing it or creating a clashing motif. We’ve created a list of ways to work that new velvet headboard in your bedroom so you can sleep soundly knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Think Bright  

Give your room a brighter dimension with a light and noticeable velvet headboard. Playing the shade of your bed off of the colour of the wall helps to create a stunning focal point against a muted backdrop. As a tip, you can mirror the colour of the headboard when painting your doorway or window frames and really tie the room together.   


Having a high headboard is wonderful to lean against but has the potential of looking out of proportion if you have a compact bedroom. However, curved corners help break up the expanse of the material so the headboard doesn’t dominate the look of the room. Curves are also a great way to give the frame more character than your average headboard, giving a dynamic edge to the space.

Beyond the Bed

Why stop with one piece? You don’t want to go overboard and loose the allure of having velvet touches but, with some well thought out purchases, you can extend the welcoming aura throughout your room. We suggest using neutral colours for the big elements in your space like your headboard and walls, reserving the bold hues for your throw pillows and armchairs to make them really pop.



Contrast with White

Make a mostly white space look sensational by introducing a decadent element of velvet. The crisp contrast between the stark whites and deep velvety colours really draw the eye to the nuances in your headboard (tufting, diagonal patterns, etc.) that may otherwise be missed. If you’re going to add a striking contrast like this, it’s a good idea to find and add some complementary details for balance. For example, a tufted headboard can be reflected in a bedspread with a diagonal pattern.

Cozy Corners

If your bed is tucked into a corner, why not add two headboards instead of one? With two velvet headboards you can create a wonderfully snug little nook in your space out of an unassuming bed. This daybed is a perfect spot for curling up with a book or a mid-day siesta!

We hope this list helps you to make the most out of your new velvet headboard! It’s easy to see why these soft, comforting additions have become so popular in bedrooms lately. Be sure to check out SkyHomes for more tips and information.

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