How to Treat Mom to a Luxurious Day at Home

How to Treat Mom to a Luxurious Day at Home

It’s nearly Mother’s Day; a day devoted to those strong women in our lives, where we get to show our appreciation for everything they do for us. Create an unforgettable experience this year with an indulgent head-to-toe spa experience in the comfort of own home. No need for Mom to even leave the bed this year with these luxurious home-spa day tips from SkyHomes!

Prepare a Spa Breakfast

This is a bit of a new take on an old classic. Of course, the first part of Mom’s day should be her breakfast, and what better way to pamper her then with a spa-like breakfast! This will be the perfect way to energize her with fresh, revitalising fruits and yogurts. Keep in mind that the best spa foods taste like a treat, not a diet. Our recommendation? Give Mom a tropical experience with this cheerful (and gluten free) breakfast idea: Mango Coconut Cluster Granola.

Set the scene

You can’t help but notice that instantly soothing and recognisable aroma when you walk through the door of a spa; the aroma instantly pulling you away from all the stressors of life. Recreate this aura in the bedroom or living area with an atmospheric candle (or two). Look for candle fragrances that have a calming blend of natural essential oils like Lavender, Bergamot, Vanilla and Patchouli to really set the mood. As a bonus, the candle will stay on as a gift that Mom can use whenever she wants to recreate her spa day!  

Make sure you use low lighting, chilled music, a cosy robe to spend the day in, and fluffy towels to complete the pro spa setting.


Make Mom feel instantly relaxed with a grounding foot soak and massage. This is a huge treat as tired and overworked feet often don’t get much attention other than a quick rub during a pedicure. Fill a container with warm water and add a few drops of soothing aromatherapy oil – easily available from any bodyworks shop. Soak her feet for 5-10 minutes and pat dry with a fluffy towel.

Afterwards, have her kick back on the sofa or her bed for the rest of the experience. The nice thing is that there doesn’t need to be specific points or techniques used here; any massage feels incredible! For super soft feet, use nourishing foot creams and balms before pulling on some cosy socks to let the cream absorb into the skin.


Revitalise dry hands with a massage and mini-manicure. Using a rich hand cream, massage the palms, each individual finger, whole hands, and even up the forearms. After Mom’s arms have been sufficiently pampered you can go the extra step by filing her nails and painting them with a fresh nude nail polish. Mom’s not going to be lifting a finger today so these have plenty of time to dry while you move on to your next step …


A spa day wouldn’t be complete without a facial! Cleanse the skin with a gentle wipe-off cleanser before exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells. This not only preps the skin for the following face mask, but Mom will also love the smooth feel and brighter look of her skin afterwards. Once everything has been scrubbed away, treat Mom to a new Korean style sheet face mask. These mask are super simple to use and leave no mess; just leave on for 20 minutes and then massage in the remaining lotion for fresher-looking skin.

Finish off with a cup of fresh mint or herbal tea and some gossip or a good book and then make the most of relaxing for the rest of Mother’s Day! We hope this list helps you to create a luxurious and memorable day for the mother in your life this year. Be sure to check out SkyHomes for more tips and information.


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