Create an Almost Zero-Waste Cleaning Routine For Your Home

Create an Almost Zero-Waste Cleaning Routine For Your Home

Create an Almost Zero-Waste Cleaning Routine For Your Home

Trying to become more eco-friendly, but don’t know where to begin? Start here! Creating an almost zero-waste home is easier than you think. All you have to do is switch a few of your regular materials for a more eco-conscious solution! Using non-toxic, natural and homemade products can be just as effective at leaving your house spotless. So read on to see what you can do to achieve an almost zero-waste cleaning routine in just a few steps!

DIY Cleaning Products

Baking soda is a powerhouse ingredient – and can do almost anything! Cleaning, absorbing, scrubbing, killing mould – it’s something that can be used in every space in your home. What’s more, baking soda and vinegar can be bought in bulk using containers you brought from home to really contribute to your zero-waste initiative! 

Use Cotton Cloths Over Paper Towels


Paper towels are used in almost every household to wipe counters, clean spills, and dry hands, but what if you switch out the single-use products for cloths you already have? Reuse items in your home by cutting up t-shirts or old bedsheets into rags. This is an easy way to minimize waste and repurpose old clothes into usable household materials!

Repurpose Old Items


Just as cotton cloths can be used as paper towels – other everyday household items can be used for cleaning as well! Old toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning in between tiles and hard-to-reach corners. Plus, old sponges can be used to clean shoes of extra dirt and grime. Look around to see what other items you may have that could be repurposed into your new zero-waste cleaning routine!

Opt for Natural Products


Buying natural products is another great way to contribute to your zero-waste cleaning routine. Everything you dispose of should be done consciously and effectively. For example, using plant-based cellulose sponges instead of a regular kitchen sponge is an easy switch! These sponges are biodegradable and even compostable because they’re made from wood pulp. Opting for wood and biodegradable materials will help you keep your routine at a minimal waste level.

Go Reusable


If you can’t repurpose, then reuse! Single-use materials (especially plastics) are harming our environment. If repurposing old materials isn’t an option for you, then buy materials you can easily reuse. Opt for a mop that has a removable head you can wash in the machine or a vacuum with a reusable filter that can be tossed in the dishwasher. The more you can reuse – the less you end up throwing away!

We hope these five tricks help you make a smooth transition into an almost-zero waste cleaning routine, just in time for spring cleaning! If you’re looking for more great ideas, you’ll want to read the SkyHomes blog.



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