Host a Tres Chic Oscar Party at Your Home

Host a Tres Chic Oscar Party at Your Home

At SkyHomes we believe you deserve the best of the best when it comes to your home and lifestyle. What better way to show off your abode than to roll out the red carpet for your friends and host the ultimate chic Oscar Party at your Home.

Welcome Guests the Red Carpet Treatment

Gather friends for the hottest ticket of the season: a front row seat to the Academy Awards in the comfort of your glammed-up home. Make your own walk of fame by laying down a red carpet you can pick up at a big box store at a reasonable price point, or use lay out a red throw blanket. Scatter large glitter-paper stars around your living room. Just don’t forget to tape the star stepping-stones down for safety! Don’t forget to snap photos in your finest fashions (or pyjamas), and ask your guests who they’re wearing!

Champagne, horderves and Popcorn

Get your evening started by greeting guests with a tray of champagne. Make a signature red carpet cocktail to keep drinks flowing well into those lengthy Oscar speeches. A citrus juice and edible glitter pink Prosecco concoction makes for a paparazzi-approved look. Continuing the glam. Tie a small piece of black fabric around the middle of a black napkin and voila, you’ve got some tres chic black bow tie napkins! Serve up some fancy horderves, shrimp–and don’t forget the popcorn!

Movie Star Trivia

Start your party an hour or two before the show so you can eyeball all the fashions, and get into the Hollywood spirit! Find movie trivia questions online to test guests and keep them entertained as you await the awards. We bet you can’t guess how many time Meryl Streep has been nominated! Review past gowns and play fashion critic perusing the 100 Fest Red Carpet Dresses Of All TIme! Play a game of prediction the best and worst dressed of the year, and keep tabs so you can hand out your own award.

Swag Bags

Once the awards have been given, the curtains have closed and the starlets have all been played off the stage, give your guests the celeb treatment with an adorable bag of Oscar night swag. Personalize your totes with guest’s names from a few craft store supplies. Include inside chocolate stars, mini bottles of liqueur, glittery nail polishes and red-hot lipstick that will have your guests feeling as pretty and primped as the night’s hottest starlets.

SkyHomes knows luxury is all in the details. You’ll have friends and family dishing out 5 star reviews of your evening with these Oscar Party tips!

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