The Best Italian Restaurants Near Princeton Village in Vaughan        italian restaurants near princeton village

There’s no doubt about it, everyone loves Italian food! Whether you’re digging into a deep bowl of pasta, basking in the creamy flavour of risotto, or sharing a perfectly cooked pizza from a wood oven, you know everyone is going to have a smile on their face. However, it pays to know exactly where you should be going in order to get a truly different experience. We’ve put together a list of the best Italian restaurants near Princeton Village in Vaughan for you to pamper your taste buds. Be sure to grab a snack now because these places will have your mouth watering!

Trimaniitalian restaurants near princeton village

Trimani is a must-visit if you are looking for a memorable dining experience. They select only the best, locally sourced artisan ingredients meaning their menu changes daily in order to provide you with the best meal. The authentic Italian fare is served by their world-renowned certified chef de cuisine Domenic Colacci, and it shows. Our personal favourite was their orecchiette, but you can order anything on the menu, and you will not regret it! The wait staff is incredibly knowledgeable and so pleasant, bringing together the whole experience. Be sure to try and catch Dwight, Trimani’s in-house musician, who brings an energy to the meal you won’t anticipate.

Noveitalian restaurants near princeton village

Whether you’re out for a casual meal or something a bit more special you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Nove. From the moment you walk in the door, the atmosphere completely envelops all your senses. The sight of wine bottles from around the world and the sound of soft jazz and ambient music combine with the smell from the meals to really capture your attention immediately. We absolutely love the large, open-concept dining area provided by Nove as well as their brilliant staff. The servers have extensive knowledge of food and wine pairings to help guide you to mouth-watering Italian meals you will truly love. We ordered the de-boned red snapper with rapini, carrots, and peppers and it was delicious! We highly recommend making a reservation before coming in because, despite the room available, this is a very popular spot.    

Motorino Enotecaitalian restaurants near princeton village

Motorino Enoteca is a great Italian eatery located right by Velmar Downs Park. This is the perfect fun spot to enjoy old Italian charm mixed with new ideas. Cozy, yet classy, Motorino Enoteca is one of those places you may not expect to knock your socks off, but they do! Their pizzas are incredible (highly recommend trying their Pizza De Giorno with an eggplant tomato base), and their apps are so tasty. Go in for the fried artichoke or try the eggplant meatballs and you’ll have a favourite for life. Of course, we also have to mention how well the staff work together to bring you information on the massive number of specials and wines they have. This is a tasty option with plenty of variety for anyone’s pallet.  

Oca Nerabest italian restaurants near princeton village

Oca Nera is a hidden gem you need to discover! The definition of fine dining, Oca Nera offers a seasonal Italian menu that takes advantage of the freshest ingredients for you and your party. It is worth mentioning that this is not your typical southern Italian type of food. The restaurant provides highly specialized dishes, with unique ingredients and fresh flavour profiles you won’t find anywhere else. This is the place to go if you’re looking to have the best seafood experience of your life; the octopus salad, jumbo shrimp, and seafood pasta are all mind-blowingly good! In fact, we’re still thinking about those first bites. The prices are a little higher here but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth for these dishes.

Cavallino Wine Baritalian restaurants near princeton village

Cavallino Wine Bar is another restaurant you may not have heard of, but you should definitely put it in your ‘must try’ list! Known for an incredible staff that can see to huge parties with ease, Cavallino Wine Bar provides service that really shows attention to detail and true knowledge about the food they have. The atmosphere is also incredibly well curated, providing a beautiful, rustic Italian ambiance for your meal. Of course, how can we suggest a restaurant without talking about the food!? Cavallino Wine Bar provides some delicious menu options that you won’t want to miss. The noodles alone are so fresh that they add a layer to the dish you didn’t know was missing. We also recommend their truly inspired gnocchi and beef brisket dish; you won’t be disappointed!   

Whether you’ve been looking for a new date spot, wanting to find great restaurants in your area, or just looking to find the best Italian food you can, you’re sure to love any of these options! With a focus on fresh local and seasonal product, these Italian restaurants pride themselves on pampering your pallet. For more information on local hotspots and future builds, be sure to follow SkyHomes’ blog series!  

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