Designer Tips on Creating a Vintage Vibe in Any Room

Designer Tips on Creating a Vintage Vibe in Any Room

If you have been scouring through interior design trends lately, you may have noticed a big push towards vintage vibes. This is because classic items like teak consoles, vintage globes, and hanging chairs add charm and character to modern spaces that some people really gravitate toward. If you’re one of those homeowners who would like to have their space travel back in time, but you’re not exactly sure how to do it, follow along as we share some designer tips on how to create a vintage vibe in any room.  


Of course, you have to start out with the correct colour palette if you’re craving that vintage look. Choosing the colour of your space is the ultimate way to set the tone; whether subtly or not so subtly. If you’re trying to take your décor in a more vintage direction, you want to stay away from contemporary blacks and whites and go with bold greens, yellows, and oranges. Remember, if it’s not noticeably bold, it’s not vintage!

Wall Coverings

So now that we know stark colours are out of the question, it’s time to change those big open spaces of white wall! Use that bold colour palette and stencil a full-wall pattern that is sure to be remembered. Although trellis wall coverings can be pretty contemporary, there are some designs that are unquestionably vintage. As a tip, if you pattern your walls, do not go with a retro-patterned floor at the same time; that’s more vintage than anyone can handle!

Fixtures and Hardware

One of the most noticeable distinctions between a contemporary residence and a vintage abode lies in the fixtures. Remember, we’re staying away from contemporary items like stainless steels and stark whites. To truly go vintage you need to be a scavenger. Go to a second-hand store or an antique shop and find an elegant chandelier, a rustic lamp, or a funky lamp shade that will put a vintage stamp on your overall décor. While you’re out, be sure to look for hardware to replace those shiny and new stainless steel pieces. Look for some second-hand mid-century hardware or go to a home supply store and pick up some knobs and handles that are a little more organic to the vintage vibe of your home.


Obviously, if your furniture is super contemporary, you’re not going to get the vintage vibe you’re looking for. However, this doesn’t mean you are relegated to searching all over second-hand furniture stores looking for the perfect retro couch. You can definitely dress your more modern furniture in vintage garb to get the look you want. Consider a couch cover, or re-upholstering a chair; even adding a throw blanket and some pillows can really bring out that vintage vibe.


Although we’ve focused mainly on the major fixtures in a home that can be tweaked to increase your vintage vibe, it’s important to mention that your throwback theme can also be achieved with some choice accessorizing. This is where diligently stalking second-hand stores and vintage shops really comes in useful! You can find some amazing vintage frames, centerpieces, wall art, and other “trash-to-treasure” knick knacks that will pepper the room with some classic eye candy.

We hope this list of tips and tricks helps you get your space back to the golden days of the mid-to-late 20th century! Always remember to go bold, and keep an eye out for pieces wherever you go. Be sure to check out SkyHomes for more information and tips going forward.


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