Key Lighting Trends for Million Dollar Homes!

Key Lighting Trends for Million Dollar Homes!

The epitome of a well-appointed million dollar home is one where amenities provide the owner a sense of luxury. Opulence is not merely expressed in the home’s architecture and well-designed furnishings, but in the ambiance set by a well-lit home. Some lighting is more suited to certain rooms than others. There are several details to consider in terms of function and aesthetic that vary by room’s purpose.

SkyHomes offers these key lighting trends to effectively enhance the luxury aesthetic of a million dollar home

Grand Entryway

The entryway or foyer is a key spot for making a grand, first impression. Whether you pick a bold statement pendant or a subdued, minimalist sconce, your entryway light will set the tone. The foyer serves as a functional space to welcome guests. Go for warmth in a light source to make your foyer exude hospitality and a sense of welcome. This means using warm-color temperature bulbs like incandescent and halogen, and always on a dimmer. The entranceway also introduces the level of design that is carried throughout the rest of the home. The traditional chandelier is always a classic, and still very much an exceptional choice for the modern million dollar home. A modern take on this classic that is very on trend is chandeliers is unconventional shapes, such as rectangular. Multiple, hanging glass bulbs in a pendant light fixture update the look of a chandelier for an extravagant and contemporary foyer.

The hallway typically does not have top-of-mind status when you think about your luxury house plans. Key lighting trends are now gracing the halls of million dollar homes, ensuring that every aspect of the home is considered. A hallway lined with framed displays or decor items requires proper illumination. ‘Wall washing’: lighting that is focused and directed to showcase a specific area, highlights your hallway decor. When wall washing, it is suggested to install lights approximately half a metre away from the wall. Showcase an exquisite piece of art, or framed photography, to give your prized possession proper attention.

Living room

Lighting in especially important in setting the tone for your living room, giving you that added punch of style. A well-lit living room requires a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting. Layered lighting is a key trend in million dollar homes, to achieve the perfect ambiance at all times. Overhead lighting in the form of recessed lights are popular as a modern and practical main source of lighting. Floor lamps with modern, square-shaped shades provide ambient lighting and look dramatic against a wall. Positioned near a seating area, fill empty space with table lamps. This allows the homeowner to dim the room’s light in the evening, or add extra light when reading, and provide a hint of light when watching television. Layered lighting is not only practical, but provides a luxe look, that can be adapted to the occasion.


Lighting fixtures that make a bold statement and serve as the focal point of a room are trending. The key to a perfect kitchen is a well-lit work area. It is a safety essential and you want to be able to see all of your ingredients even when darkness falls. As with the bedroom, one thing that is trending at the moment is to layer your lighting. To do this you can use a variety of ambient, accent, and decorative lighting. Of course during the day lighting won’t be as much of a problem so natural light is important for your work area.Recently, there has been a rise in pendant lighting above the island bench as the main source of lighting for food preparation. Recessed lights should also be included in your luxury home plan for general lighting in the kitchen as smaller decorative lighting won’t be enough. Homes with tall ceilings or a large foyer can also benefit from the increased sizes of today’s most popular lights.


Bedside table lamps are a must in luxury homes. As a rule of thumb, your side lamp height should be tall enough to light up the pages of your book when you are sitting in bed.A common debate for bedroom lighting in million dollar homes is whether to go with lamps or down lights directly above the bed. Why not have both? The two types of lighting complement each other and ensure that you have just the right amount of lighting depending on how you feel.Another great tip with down lighting in the bedroom is to have them individually wired to a dimmer switch.


Brighten up your front yard at night with a key outdoor lighting trends: spotlighting a feature tree or fountain. Popular and practical for million dollar homes are singular evenly spaced lights on each step leading to the house, making sure every step is illuminated. Evenly spaced spotlights surrounding your home make a statement– giving a spectacular illumination when hosting an extravagant party.

Key lighting trends not only illuminate, highlight and set the mood, they can drastically change the character of a million dollar home.


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