5 Tips to Refresh Your Home with a Spring Makeover

5 Tips to Refresh Your Home with a Spring Makeover

Spring is officially approaching. As the colours outside change from gloomy gray to blue skies, our interiors also require a touch of a refresh. There’s no better way for your home  to blossom than by celebrating the trends of the spring season.

SkyHomes offers you these tips to shake off the winter chill and give your home a spring makeover!

Spring Switch-out


Bundle away the thick winter duvet and switch it out with a lighter fabric. Nothing changes up the atmosphere of a bedroom like a new set of bedding. Explore the spring/summer collections that are being released and select some spring gorgeousness. Gelato and ocean tones, summery pastel colours in block or geometric patterns are the fresh new bedding trends taking over the season. Quirky patterns such as perfectly symmetrical geometrics that were so big last season have evolved into a sophisticated subdued look. Mixing prints in one monochromatic colour scheme. Complete the bed with a light fresh throw at the foot of the bed, in nautical stripes or cheery florals. While chunky knits and furs were a must during Winter, it’s time to look at lighter weight and possibly even more colourful options. If you’re not sure what colour to pick, take a cue from artwork in your room or create your own.

Blooms & Greenery


Arrange leafy or blossoming branches into a vase for a piece of nature that won’t wilt away. Place a vase on top of a luxurious display tray as a simple spring decor upgrade. Bring in some tall leafy plants to create the height and illusion of a tree. If you think keeping fresh flowers in the house sounds high maintenance, try buying just a handful of tulips and placing a single bloom in each of your prettiest glass or vintage bottles. Lush, flourishing vines are appearing in homes in the form of climbing plants, which are (conveniently) nearly impossible to kill. Greens rejuvenate your home after the long stuffy, cold winter months. Place plants together that share light and watering needs but vary in texture and colour, for a fresh spring display in a glass terrarium.

Pastels and Pop of Colour

Bright colours are a spring favorite but you can also take the pastels approach. Contemporary shapes and patterns help bring sophistication to these soft hues. Shopping pastel accents will brighten your space and channel a fresh, seasonally appropriate style. Light and bright linens make a vibrant addition to your kitchen and dining room, whereas pastels give a spring makeover to your living room. If you’re not afraid of pops of colour, look out for a red, mustard or grey cushion to help brighten up a dark sofa. Splurge and have a vintage chair reupholstered in a bright hue to celebrate the new season. A gallon of paint is among the easiest tools for changing a space with the use of colour. A chic springtime colour, like soft violet will makes you feel happy and renewed. Paint an accent wall or fo for the whole room. Start with two new accents for the room then match a paint colour to your new accents, and with just three things, you can have a brand-new spring-inspired room!

Light Airy Drapes


It’s time to take down the dark and heavy drapes and give your space a light and airy feel. You’ll be surprised by the brightening power of pale curtains, such as whites, creams and trendy light greys. Lace is a delicate material that exudes luxury, without being heavy. Sheer curtains are always good choice for the brighter months. These curtains allow the warm sunlight to enter your windows without sacrificing privacy. Use sheer curtains by themselves or as an under treatment, combined with a solid cotton drape. Curtain panels made of cotton are casual, easy to clean and allow plenty of light to filter through your windows, keeping the room bright and cheerful.

Patterns and Textures


Texture is another area to place focus for spring. Tactile linens, natural materials such as marble and stone, and shiny metallics give an earthiness, with a luxe look.  Add brass candle holders or white marble trays to bring a touch of elegance into your home. Go beyond silver and gold by incorporating a fashionable copper accent to your space. Rose gold baskets can hold bright green apples, for a touch of glamour to a tablescape. Or make a statement with a copper vase filled with blooms. Incorporate spring patterns such as an elegant, Japanese-inspired crane motif pattern on a stylised botanical background. If you have a white kitchen, think about bringing in some wood accessories or ome wood floating shelves. To maintain a clean contemporary look, use wood in darker hues and with clean lines, as opposed to unfinished woods.  From warm, rich, metallic upholstery and galvanized wallpaper to shimmering coffee tables, luxurious metallic finishes in pewter, gold and bronze will command attention this spring. Free-spirited, colourful and pattern-happy bohemian style is easy to embrace in small doses, for an elegant and rich-looking spring makeover.

Now that your clocks have moved forward, it’s time your home does too. What better way to welcome the forth-coming sunshine than by giving your home a quick spring makeover. With these tips, SkyHomes helps you break out the cheer and make the most of springtime in your home!

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