5 New Dining Spaces that are Trending Right Now

5 New Dining Spaces that are Trending Right Now

In recent years, formal dining spaces haven’t seen much love when it comes to popular décor magazines and online articles. At one time it was considered unthinkable not to have a home with a dedicated room for hosting; today’s homeowners, however, have broken from this tradition in favour of more relaxed interiors. Don’t count out formal dining spaces yet though! We have a list of 5 new dining space trends that prove even the most outdated interiors can be modernized!


Bench Seats

Reflecting the casual and relaxed trend, seating options in dining areas have become much less stuffy. Instead of high-backed, ornate chairs that create a very uniform and prim look, dining spaces are opting for bench seating to give the space that popular homey feeling. Many people assume that this type of seating arrangement is reserved for rustic interiors, picturing sturdy wooden benches. Although these would certainly not seem out of place if you’re looking to have a natural aesthetic for your dining area, they are far from the only option. Consider a painted bench for a coastal interior or an acrylic option for your modern room. As an extra plus, some benches can be multi-functional, saving you space by offering storage underneath for your extra kitchen equipment!

Light Fixtures

It may seem obvious that lighting is a must for any dining space, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to a run-of-the-mill chandelier. In fact, modern dining spaces tend to assume that your lighting fixture will serve as the focal point of the room. These trendy pieces are considered to be as important as the pieces of art you choose. When picking statement pieces of lighting, the size of the fixture is your main concern. As a rule of thumb, you should add the length and width of your room together in order to get the number equal to what the diameter of your chandelier should be.  For example, if you’re buying a fixture to put in a 8′ x 12′ room, then 8+12 =20, so you should look for a fixture that is 20” in diameter. As for aesthetics, the sky is really the limit. Your main goal should be to make sure the piece stands out; using a bold colour or a fixture that incorporates metals to add some shine to the room.

Playful Chairs

As you may have guessed, the laid-back trend in dining areas has expanded heavily into eclectic territory. Gallery walls, funky art deco pieces, and vibrant, mixed styles of seating all infuse these spaces with a free-spirited atmosphere to reflect the escape from the traditional. However, be sure not to go way too far the other way or it may end up looking like you’re running a flea market! When choosing seating like this you have a few options: you can choose to mix and match the color, shape, or material of the chairs; but you should keep at least one of those details consistent throughout each piece. That will help subtly tie the chairs together, allowing you to get as wild as you like with the other aesthetic details. We recommend that you use neutral colours and materials throughout the rest of the space in order to create a background that will allow your chairs to stand out. When you choose a design element that has this much visual impact, it should be the sole focal point.


If you’re looking to add more interest to your boxy, stagnant dining room, consider adding some plaster ceiling accents. The ceiling is often overlooked when it comes to décor options but it’s such a wide expanse of space that can really turn a quiet dining area into a trendy dining space. This works especially well if you’re not looking to add any bright/ funky colours but still want to create some drama in the space.  

Dining Nooks

If you’re looking to step away from dedicating a whole room to formal entertainment, we suggest carving out a separate area of your kitchen for a dining space. These nooks give you the extra seating you need, while still remaining useful in your day-to-day life. When creating this space, be sure to strike the right balance between creating a distinct area and coordinating with the rest of the kitchen. The shape of your furniture can be incredibly useful in setting your dining nook apart; for example, try using rounded furniture to contrast against a very linear background. Meanwhile, colour should be used in order to make your nook blend in with the rest of the room. Continue with the same colour palette in that area as was used in the kitchen, while incorporating different prints and patterns in similar hues to give your new dining space that little extra visual pop.

Although dining areas aren’t necessarily the must-have features they used to be, they definitely shouldn’t be counted out yet. With these new, trending ideas for your dining space you can really create a relaxed dining space that’s truly fit for modern living.Be sure to check out SkyHomes for more information and tips about the community.

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