6 Reasons Mississauga Real Estate Is In Demand

6 Reasons Mississauga Real Estate Is In Demand

6 Reasons Mississauga Real Estate Is In Demand

Mississauga offers a variety of amenities for the city-dweller. From its safety to its cleanliness, to its world-class shopping, it’s no surprise Mississauga is an excellent place to live! Continue reading for our list of six reasons Mississauga real estate is in demand and learn more about what makes this city so popular.  

Mississauga is the #1 Destination for New Immigration  

Mississauga is Toronto’s closest suburb and home to Canada’s largest and most famous airport in the GTA! Furthermore, more than half of Mississauga’s population is a combination of different minorities. This Ontario city has the most diverse culture in the whole country! No wonder people are flocking here.  


It’s Safe, Clean & Quiet  

Compared to the bustling and dense city of Toronto, Mississauga is much calmer. Crime rates in Mississauga are generally low, and it’s home to numerous parks and trails for a greener, cleaner space. However, it still has a bustling nightlife and a variety of wonderful restaurants and entertainment options. There is no shortage of amenities here!  


You Get More Bang for Your Buck  

According to data released by the Toronto Region Real Estate Board (TREBB) in 2020, the average home price in Mississauga was around 200K less than the same type of home in Toronto. While living in Toronto can be advantageous, living in a large city like Mississauga can be just as exciting — and more affordable. Save the money and enjoy the same quality of life!  


It Has Great Shopping & Lifestyle 

Square One Mall is the largest mall in Ontario and the second largest in Canada. It houses a Food District for all your hungry shopping needs! The city also has a diverse food scene with numerous bars, restos, and cafes in the Port Credit area. Streetsville and Hurontario are also popular for tourists and are home to a variety of high-quality restaurants.  


Public Transport is Improving 

The new Hurontario LRT will make it even easier to get around the city. In conjunction with the MiWay buses, Mississauga will be even easier to navigate without a car. Aside from the LRT, regular buses and highways are available for day-to-day use, making your transportation in and around Mississauga and Toronto a breeze!


It’s Great For Business And Offers Lots Of Job Opportunities  

The city is home to 450 corporate businesses, including major employers such as Baxter Corporation, Deloitte & Touche, E D S Canada, Edulinx Canada Corp., Pepsi QTG Canada, Personal Insurance Co. of Canada Praxair Canada, and more. There is also a lower cost for start-up projects than Toronto, along with business development programs — which is why many entrepreneurs have found their home in Mississauga.  

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