Create a Great Work from Home Routine With These Tips

Create a Great Work from Home Routine With These Tips

Create a Great Work from Home Routine With These Tips

Have you made the transition from working in an office to working from home? If so, you might find working from home full-time presents a unique set of challenges. Although there are many perks, such as no commute time and a casual dress code, it can be hard to find that work/life balance. Luckily, we’re here to help you create a great work-from-home routine; just follow the tips below.

Set a Schedule, and Stick to It


One of the advantages of working from home is having some flexibility. If your job allows it, you can use apps like RescueTime to help determine when you’re most productive during the day and when you’re more sluggish. Then create a schedule around that. A clear schedule helps many remote workers maintain a healthy balance. 

Create a Designated Workspace


If you don’t fully disconnect from work, your work productivity will take a hit, and your home life can also suffer. One way to help disconnect is to create a designated physical workspace in your home. If you have enough space to create a home office, that’s great! If not, you can designate the corner of a room and try to make it feel as separate as possible. If you have to use your kitchen or dining room table as an office, pack up your work each evening to mark the end of your work day.

Set Clear Ground Rules


Set ground rules with everyone at home so it’s clear what they can and cannot do during your work time. For example, even if you can let service people in or take care of pets doesn’t mean your family members should assume you will always do it. Set boundaries, so you’re not taking on all the domestic duties simply because you’re at home. You may feel taken advantage of, and it could hinder your productivity.

Create a Before or After Work Routine


Did you used to read or listen to music on your commute to work? Make time to do the same at-home! Even if you’re not travelling, you should still find time for equivalent routines to help you ease into your workday. If you’re not a morning person, schedule a fun activity, like walking your dog, to unwind from your day and be more present in your personal life.

Take Breaks


The rule of thumb is typically to take a one-hour lunch and two 15-minute breaks if you work for 8 hours. So, confirm your company’s policy concerning break times and make sure you take them! If you’re self-employed, schedule time for a walk or 15 minutes of no-screen time. It’s a great way to stay fresh and focused on your work. 

Working from home can have a lot of advantages! If you follow these tips, you’re sure to reap the rewards and succeed both at getting your work done and maintaining your mental well-being! For more helpful tips and tricks, don’t forget to read our blog.

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